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5 Tools to creating a productive “virtual” work environment

5 Tools to creating a productive “virtual” work environmentEmail
Effective communication is a huge key in being productive. With email being the most popular form of communication among businesses, setting up your email account in the most supportive way possible will help reduce time spent reading and filtering email, as well as keep you organized with clients or projects. Gmail is highly praised as the leading email client because of all of its advanced features and integration into google apps.

Having the power of the internet at your fingertips is only going to help you become more successful. With a smartphone, and learning how to properly use one, you can access information at your fingertips wherever you are, and also manage your contacts and calendar helping you keep organized. Apple and Android are the two leading smart-phone companies, however windows also builds their own smart-phone that is supposed to seemingly integrate with Microsoft Office products.

Online Planner or Scheduler
There’s no better way to stay organized than to keep a schedule or daily planner. But for this to be accessible anywhere at anytime brings even more power to your organization. Forget the notebook that you have to remember to bring with you, or remember to write down notes, use an online calendar or scheduler such as Google Calendar to keep things organized and synced across all your devices. Quickly add calendar events and setup notifications for reminders.

Whether you decide to go with a mac or a windows laptop, you should think about your current usage and needs of a laptop and pick the most quality one of its kind. Purchasing a cheap solution might leave you with missing features that you later need down the road (Bluetooth, webcam, USB 3.0, etc.). Perhaps you travel a lot and need something small and lightweight, or maybe you do artwork and need a large screen. Decide on what’s important to you and then research to make sure you get as many features you can for the future growth of your business.

Cloud File Storage
As with your email and schedule, you need a place where you can store documents that you need access to everywhere you go. There’s many cloud services such as dropbox, google drive, or apple’s version called icloud. Setup a shared folder where you put the documents that you need access to from your phone, home office, virtual office and traveling locations. It might also be smart to have enough storage that you can backup your files constantly so you do not have to worry about data loss with failed hardware or theft.

History of Executive Suites

History of Executive SuitesThe oldest meaning of Executive Suite was in reference to the suites on or near the top floor of a skyscraper. This is where the top executives such as the chief executive officer, vice presidents, and there staff of a company worked. This term did not only describe the office space, but also described the people who occupied these offices.

Nowadays, we use the term executive suites to describe a set of individual offices sublet from a larger suite of offices. The owner or executive suite proprietor of the building rents out the building or leases the offices or workstations to businesses that don’t need or can’t afford large office spaces. Most of the time the landlords offer additional services aside from the office space such as faxes, printers, restrooms, conference rooms, etc.

Executive suite is not the universal name for office space like this though. Some other names include office suite, business center, shared-office space, and furnished office. Executive suites serve the same purpose as a virtual office, but have the physical location that virtual offices do not.

In 1983, an architect names James Blain saw an increased need for office space by small office users who were seeking convenience, minimal overhead expense, and flexible lease terms. In 1985 Blain opened the first company to offer this type of space, and then in 1989 Mark Dixon began opening and publicly trading individual office suites internationally. The company went bankrupt in 2003 and since then has turned it around and the market has continued to grow.

Executive suites are no longer solely for the ‘executives’ on top of a skyscraper, but has now evolved to serving the general business owner in a convenient, flexible, and professional way.

Different Virtual Office Jobs Available in Las Vegas

virtualofficesWith the changing of the global economy, going virtual has become a very popular and at times mandatory act from many businesses. A virtual office in Las Vegas, reduces the overhead and allow multiple locations or headquarters for companies with sales and services stretching across the nation or even across the globe.

The most popular virtual jobs are technical, administrative, creative and sales. These vocations can all have high performance levels being done virtually. The technical jobs involved in these vocations range from computer programmers, research and system analysts, project managers, sales associates, consultants, receptionists, and telecommunications. Full-time, part-time or sub-contractors can all work remotely saving the employer overhead costs ranging from a few hundred dollars, to several thousands in hotel, airfare, office rental, and more.

Epronet’s virtual offices allow you to take advantage of the virtual global economy. Our features and   amenities provide our customers the ability to work efficiently and effectively with our virtual offices. Services Included in Our Virtual Office & Executive Suites Packages:

  • Business License Hanging
  • Mail Receipt & Forwarding
  • Drop off & Pickup Service
  • Receptionist Service
  • Answering Service
  • Unlimited Use of Conference Room in All Locations
  • Private Business Number with Voicemail
  • High Speed Internet with WiFi
  • Digital Directory Signage
  • Janitorial Service
  • 24/7 Access & Security Monitoring


Executive Suites and Business Success

Virtual Offices in Las Vegas - Affordable Cheap Virtual Office Lease OptionOne of the most important aspects of business in Las Vegas is instilling a sense of trust and confidence from potential customers. How do you go about achieving this trust and confidence? Several things have to be considered, not only from your business ethics and products or services. But remember, the first impression can make a break a deal. An executive suite in Las Vegas, depending on the location, can really make an impression on prospective clients or partners. Choosing the right executive suite depends on the amenities that the location offers in relation to your needs as a business owner.

One important aspect of an executive suite in Las Vegas is affordability. Keeping your overhead in perspective is crucial to succeeding as a business owner. Another aspect of importance that should be put into consideration when selecting an affordable executive suite in Las Vegas is whether a professional receptionist is available. With a receptionist, you can focus on your business and leave the menial tasks of greeting customers, sorting mail, or answering the initial phone call to them.

Whether or not the suite comes with a meeting room or conference room can be a huge factor in your decision. If you see the need to meet with large groups of people at any time then you will need a room to accompany this meeting. Some executive suites charge additional for use of their conference room. Be sure to ask the leasing agent about pricing when making your decision about an Executive Office Suite in Las Vegas.

eProNet Services Included in Our Virtual Office & Executive Suites Packages:

  • Business License Hanging
  • Mail Receipt & Forwarding
  • Drop off & Pickup Service
  • Receptionist Service
  • Answering Service
  • Unlimited Use of Conference Room in All Locations
  • Private Business Number with Voicemail
  • High Speed Internet with WiFi
  • Digital Directory Signage
  • Janitorial Service
  • 24/7 Access & Security Monitoring



Choosing the Right Office Space in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Office SpaceSelecting the right office space can be a troublesome task. The location and amenities could easily make or break your business. While most individuals simply chose the most affordable option, you should really consider the most VALUABLE option for you and your business in Las Vegas. Most Las Vegas offices require a signing of a lease, so your business will essentially have to survive the entire duration of that lease. With the wrong Las Vegas office location or wrong atmosphere for your employees, there’s no guarantee everything will work out as you planned. Here’s some of the key factors to consider when selecting an office space in Las Vegas.

1. The Las Vegas Location

If the office seems too good to be true, chances are you are right. There’s a reason a landlord is offering the space so cheap compared to the normal rate. Perhaps there are issues with the location, lack of amenities. Investigate all the factors that play a part in your location. Here’s some questions to ask yourself:

  • Is the office space there adequate parking
  • is the office location convenient to find
  • is the office space located in a professional Las Vegas neighborhood
  • Does the office space include the amenities you need
  • Are there additional costs associated with the office space rent
  • Does The office space have any restrictions.
  • Is the building secure
  • Does the office space allow after hours access

2. Your Las Vegas Office Space

You have to consider the space you need not only now, but what in the future. If you have a small business and you plan on hiring employees, does this office space have room for this move. Or can you relocate inside the building to a larger office in the future? Here’s some things to consider:

  • Can the office space adequately accommodate you and your clients
  • Does the office space have room for your business to grow
  • Does the office space have appropriate lighting, air flow and temperature
  • Are you allowed to decorate the office space
  • Are there the essential power/network/phone ports for your equipment

3. Office Space Cost

Once you have gone through the screening process and found out if the office space you are looking at in Las Vegas will meet your requirements for your business, now it’s time to think about the cost.  You should have a budget built into your business of what you can comfortable afford to be in business. Always try to find the lowest rent possible to reduce overhead, but you must factor other fees into your decision. Such as:

  • Does the office make you pay your own utilities
  • Does the office space provide fax, scan, copier usage
  • Does the office space provide internet
  • Are there CAM fees associated with the Office Space
  • Is there a rental increase associated with a lease signing
  • Are there late fees, setup fees, or any other costs that you may incur while being a tenant

Benefits of Choosing an Affordable Executive Suite in Las Vegas

Executive Suites in Las Vegas are among the best solutions a small business can find to affordably set up their own officeMany people are thinking of establishing their own businesses and also contemplating ways to earn money while saving money. Executive Suites in Las Vegas are among the best solutions a small business can find to affordably set up their own office. These executive suites are rented or leased by other companies looking for similar amenities and usually offer a wide range of features and benefits associated with executive suites. Let’s look at some of the many features and benefits executive suites may have to offer to your business in Las Vegas.

A Business Address

 Many small businesses in Las Vegas that start with an at-home office would need to use their home address as their business address. This can deter clients from using your business as opposed to a business that has a professional and public address for the sheer fact of not wanting to mix business and pleasure. For a business owner, a business address with an office separate from a home address, is beneficial for simple security reasons. When conducting business in Las Vegas it is always beneficial to have a professional setup and a safe, public area to work with clients.

Additional Features

 Most of the executive suites can be ready fairly quickly; this will save you time and also increase flexibility as a business owner in Las Vegas. Aside from having your private office space, many companies also offer other features so that your business will succeed and save your business money. These features can include a kitchen, conference room use, bathrooms, receptionist that takes messages, mail forward service, full internet access and even office machinery such as copy machines, fax machines, printers and scanners.

Financial Benefits

 Imagine all the money and time it would take to set up your own affordable office. Executive suites in Las Vegas can offer more in less time and at the best possible price. When thinking about starting a business, we all know that time is money and this can have a huge impact on the success of a business. By renting or leasing an executive office you are eliminating the need to invest in many of the tools needed to run a business.

Without a doubt, ePronet’s executive suites Las Vegas is an option to consider for your business. Many people are finding this to be a perfect solution because it can give you the professional image you need without the unnecessary costs.

Tips for choosing the right virtual office space

Las Vegas Virtual Offices - Virtual Office Space in Las VegasDo you own a small or online business or do most of your work from home? Have you ran into the problem of attracting clients because you do not have a physical office where they can meet you? A virtual office is the way to go for overcoming this obstacle while still maintaining you’re low overhead. A virtual office in Las Vegas is significantly less expensive and provides a office location in order to represent your company. Most virtual office packages in Las Vegas come with a Mailing Address, Conference Room, Office Amenities and Internet along with either a shared cubicle or private executive office.

Below are some tips to help you choose the right virtual office location in Las Vegas

  • Chose the right location
    If you are looking for convenience and only need an office to meet clients, chose a virtual office location that is closest to you. If you are looking to expand your company, you should select a virtual office in another part of the town, preferable a populated area that is central to that location
  • Amenities
    Ask about the provided amenities. Some virtual offices are all inclusive and other’s are pay per use. Be sure you are getting the most for your buck. This goes for office space usage, internet including wifi, use of copier or fax machine, use conference room. You may even inquire about signage on the building or marquee which will help promote your business to any drive by traffic.
  • Parking & Transportation
    Make sure there is ample and convenient parking for your customers. If its paid parking, ask if you can validate parking for your clients. If parking is in a garage far away from your actual office, be sure to weigh the pros and cons of incurring this additional inconvenience for your clients.
  • Inquire about other businesses
    Be sure to find out what other businesses are residing in the office complex you are looking at. You wouldn’t want to be in the same building as 2 other competitors. Nor would you want to have an office that is so busy, the office amenities are most often not available when you need them.
  • Visit the office space
    Investigate the office before making any commitments. Get a look and feel for where you will be doing business, where your clients will be meeting you. The overall impression that you have from walking through the office doors is most likely the same impression your client’s will have – make sure it’s the sending the right message.
  • Leases and Additional Fees
    Be sure to make note of any possible additional fees as well as the leasing terms and agreements. You want to make sure that the terms you agree upon work for you, as well as any fees that may cost you more in the long run with your business’s growth and future needs.