Tips for choosing the right virtual office space

Executive Suites Las Vegas, Executive Offices Las Vegas, Virtual Office SpaceDo you own a small or online business or do most of your work from home? Have you ran into the problem of attracting clients because you do not have a physical office where they can meet you? A virtual office is the way to go for overcoming this obstacle while still maintaining you’re low overhead. A virtual office in Las Vegas is significantly less expensive and provides a office location in order to represent your company. Most virtual office packages in Las Vegas come with a Mailing Address, Conference Room, Office Amenities and Internet along with either a shared cubicle or private executive office.

Below are some tips to help you choose the right virtual office location in Las Vegas

  • Chose the right location
    If you are looking for convenience and only need an office to meet clients, chose a virtual office location that is closest to you. If you are looking to expand your company, you should select a virtual office in another part of the town, preferable a populated area that is central to that location
  • Amenities
    Ask about the provided amenities. Some virtual offices are all inclusive and other’s are pay per use. Be sure you are getting the most for your buck. This goes for office space usage, internet including wifi, use of copier or fax machine, use conference room. You may even inquire about signage on the building or marquee which will help promote your business to any drive by traffic.
  • Parking & Transportation
    Make sure there is ample and convenient parking for your customers. If its paid parking, ask if you can validate parking for your clients. If parking is in a garage far away from your actual office, be sure to weigh the pros and cons of incurring this additional inconvenience for your clients.
  • Inquire about other businesses
    Be sure to find out what other businesses are residing in the office complex you are looking at. You wouldn’t want to be in the same building as 2 other competitors. Nor would you want to have an office that is so busy, the office amenities are most often not available when you need them.
  • Visit the office space
    Investigate the office before making any commitments. Get a look and feel for where you will be doing business, where your clients will be meeting you. The overall impression that you have from walking through the office doors is most likely the same impression your client’s will have – make sure it’s the sending the right message.
  • Leases and Additional Fees
    Be sure to make note of any possible additional fees as well as the leasing terms and agreements. You want to make sure that the terms you agree upon work for you, as well as any fees that may cost you more in the long run with your business’s growth and future needs.