Decorating your Virtual Office Space

Executive Suites in Las Vegas - Affordable Executive Offices Virtual MeetingsAre you ready to get your creativity flowing in the direction of productivity? Decorating your Las Vegas office Space is extremely important. It should be designed to serve as a place to accomplish your work, boost your mood, and be a referral marketing tool. Here are a few helpful tips on how to achieve a Las Vegas Virtual Office Space that ‘works’ for you.

Decorate to increase your productivity in Las Vegas

Two of the most important components for productivity are your desk and your chair. When deciding on a desk it’s best to keep in mind the type of work you will be doing and how much room and storage you need in close quarters. There are many desk shapes to choose from including the U shape and the L shape. Other factors to consider are shelves for books, drawers for filing, and enough desk space for those highly used items. When choosing a chair comfort is key, but not too comfortable that you will snooze off. Taking into consideration how long you will be sitting is very important. You don’t want to get aches and pains! Always remember that your arms and legs should be at a 90-degree angle when resting on the desk and floor.

Decorate to boost your mood in your Office Space

 Lighten up your desk! The lighting and color scheme in your office can greatly influence your mood. Whether you have an overhead light or lamps you can make it work for you. If overhead lighting is all you have then think about positioning your desk either under the light or near a window which brings in plenty of natural light. Seeing your desk and your work will help you stay focused. Utilizing that window for natural light can help ease stress with Vitamin D, “the sunshine vitamin”. When choosing colors for your office it’s often wise to incorporate your personality into it. Warm colors are inviting and can help promote creativity while cool colors are relaxing and can set a calming pace.

Decorate as a referral marketing tool for the Las Vegas Area

 Have you ever been to an las vegas office and seen a picture on the wall that started a conversation and then you left that office space feeling pretty confident in the professional you just met? Strategically placing items such as plaques, family photos, degrees, and conversational pieces can increase your likelihood to get a referral and a returning client. These items can ‘work’ for you as a ‘visual resume’ and help the client to see your personality.

Decorating your Virtual Office Space