Choosing the Right Office Space in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Office SpaceSelecting the right office space can be a troublesome task. The location and amenities could easily make or break your business. While most individuals simply chose the most affordable option, you should really consider the most VALUABLE option for you and your business in Las Vegas. Most Las Vegas offices require a signing of a lease, so your business will essentially have to survive the entire duration of that lease. With the wrong Las Vegas office location or wrong atmosphere for your employees, there’s no guarantee everything will work out as you planned. Here’s some of the key factors to consider when selecting an office space in Las Vegas.

1. The Las Vegas Location

If the office seems too good to be true, chances are you are right. There’s a reason a landlord is offering the space so cheap compared to the normal rate. Perhaps there are issues with the location, lack of amenities. Investigate all the factors that play a part in your location. Here’s some questions to ask yourself:

  • Is the office space there adequate parking
  • is the office location convenient to find
  • is the office space located in a professional Las Vegas neighborhood
  • Does the office space include the amenities you need
  • Are there additional costs associated with the office space rent
  • Does The office space have any restrictions.
  • Is the building secure
  • Does the office space allow after hours access

2. Your Las Vegas Office Space

You have to consider the space you need not only now, but what in the future. If you have a small business and you plan on hiring employees, does this office space have room for this move. Or can you relocate inside the building to a larger office in the future? Here’s some things to consider:

  • Can the office space adequately accommodate you and your clients
  • Does the office space have room for your business to grow
  • Does the office space have appropriate lighting, air flow and temperature
  • Are you allowed to decorate the office space
  • Are there the essential power/network/phone ports for your equipment

3. Office Space Cost

Once you have gone through the screening process and found out if the office space you are looking at in Las Vegas will meet your requirements for your business, now it’s time to think about the cost.  You should have a budget built into your business of what you can comfortable afford to be in business. Always try to find the lowest rent possible to reduce overhead, but you must factor other fees into your decision. Such as:

  • Does the office make you pay your own utilities
  • Does the office space provide fax, scan, copier usage
  • Does the office space provide internet
  • Are there CAM fees associated with the Office Space
  • Is there a rental increase associated with a lease signing
  • Are there late fees, setup fees, or any other costs that you may incur while being a tenant