5 Tips before you rent office space in Las Vegas

Executive Office Suites in las vegas from eProNet1. Before any paperwork or negotiating, make sure the office space fits your needs in both space and amenities. It would be a waste of you and the leasing agents time to discuss pricing over a suite that does not meet your objectives.

2. Figure out what level of overhead you can afford and discuss what leasing options are available. Newer businesses might want to avoid long-term lease agreements in case changes need to be made in their operations. A short-term lease with flexible options of renewal is the better option. And pay attention to the leasing terms and agreements before signing.

3. Find out exactly what is included in the rent. Don’t be caught off guard by additional fees for using common areas, parking, or miscellaneous items. If you are leasing a commercial property, find out about maintenance costs, property taxes and insurance.

4. Make sure the building is in compliance and up to code. Ask to see documents showing proof the building has been inspected and is safe for you and your clients. Check the business license department as well as other business networks such as the BBB for any information on the leasing client.

5. If you are a new company, it is best to make sure you can assign or sublease the property within your terms of agreements. You will want to especially make sure this option is available if your leasing term is lengthy.

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